Unique Bicentennial Quarter: $1 Million in Value USD & Five Additional $510,000 in Gems  

Among these, one particular Bicentennial Quarter has captured the fascination of collectors and historians alike, with an astounding estimated value of $1 million.  

Additionally, five other quarters from the same series have been appraised at a remarkable $510,000 each, making them among the most coveted coins in American numismatics. 

The Bicentennial Quarter worth $1 million is a unique specimen with exceptional features that distinguish it from the millions of other quarters minted during the same period.  

The primary factors contributing to its extraordinary value include its pristine condition, unique minting errors, and its historical significance. 


One of the most critical aspects that elevate the value of any collectible coin is its condition.  

The absence of any wear, scratches, or blemishes makes it a pristine example of this commemorative coin. 

What truly sets this Bicentennial Quarter apart, however, are the unique minting errors present.  

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