Uncommon Bicentennial Quarter Worth Almost $29 Million USD and Nine Additional Worth Over $199,999  

This article delves into the unique characteristics that make these quarters so valuable and the factors contributing to their high worth. 

The Bicentennial quarter, featuring a distinctive design by Jack L. Ahr, was part of a series that included a special dollar and half-dollar.  

Errors can occur during the coin production process, resulting in unique and often highly collectible items. 

In this case, a double die error, where the design is imprinted twice, slightly offset, has significantly enhanced the coin's value. 


This Bicentennial quarter is graded MS-70, a rarity for coins of this age. 

As a piece commemorating the bicentennial, this quarter already holds historical significance.  

 The combination of its pristine condition and minting error amplifies its desirability among collectors.

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