Three further rare bicentennial quarters worth over $500,000 and nearly $10 million USD  

Nestled within the numismatic realm lies a mystery shrouded in intrigue and rarity – the elusive bicentennial quarters struck at the San Francisco Mint.  

Among these, one specimen stands out as a paragon of rarity – the 1976-S Bicentennial Quarter with a Type II Reverse. 

The Type II Reverse features a pronounced serif on the "R" in "QUARTER," setting it apart from the more common Type I variant. 

Due to a die modification mid-production, only a handful of Type II quarters were minted before the design was reverted, making them exceedingly rare. 


With its impeccable condition and historical significance, this numismatic gem fetched a staggering $587,000, solidifying its status as a coveted rarity in the numismatic pantheon. 

In the realm of numismatics, serendipity often plays a pivotal role in unearthing hidden treasures.  

Discovered by a keen-eyed collector sorting through a roll of quarters, the 1976-D Double Die Quarter sent shockwaves through the numismatic community. 

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