The signs that will have the worst luck falling in love over the three-day weekend (5/25–5-27) 

Gemini, this weekend may feel like an emotional rollercoaster.  

You might find it challenging to express your feelings clearly, leading to misunderstandings with your partner or potential love interests. 

Virgo, your analytical nature often serves you well, but this weekend it might become your biggest hindrance in matters of the heart. 

The influence of a tense Mars-Saturn aspect suggests that you may be overly critical, not just of others but also of yourself. 


Sagittarius, your adventurous spirit usually draws people to you, but this weekend you might feel unusually constrained.  

With Jupiter, your ruling planet, forming a difficult aspect with Neptune, unrealistic expectations could lead to disappointment.  

Aquarius, your independent nature and desire for intellectual stimulation can sometimes create distance in your relationships. 

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