The Coin That Will Transform Your Life: The 80 Million Bicentennial Quarter 

The Bicentennial Quarters were produced as part of a broader initiative to celebrate America's bicentennial anniversary. 

The obverse retained the familiar profile of George Washington, but with the dates “1776-1976” instead of a single year. 

These particular quarters were struck in 40% silver for collectors, unlike the standard copper-nickel versions intended for general circulation. 

Owning one is akin to holding a piece of the nation’s 200-year celebration of independence. 


This design change makes the Bicentennial Quarter immediately recognizable and cherished by collectors. 

Silver has intrinsic value, and these coins are worth more than their face value just based on their metal content alone. 

While not all Bicentennial Quarters are particularly valuable, the silver ones can be. 

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