The Best Wallpaper for Your Zodiac Sign

To help you find a starting point, why not consult the stars? Yes, we mean narrowing down the best wallpaper for your needs according to your zodiac sign. 

You want to inject personality so that the wallpaper doesn't fall flat and there's movement and drama on the walls," Jacu Strauss, creative director of Lore Group—the team behind the award-winning Dutch hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam, Riggs Washington, D.C.  

tells VERANDA. Leaning on your horoscope can point you in a good direction to make your rooms really feel like a reflection of you. 

We spoke with astrologer Lauren Ash for recommendations on the colors and patterns each sign should stick to, so scroll on for the ultimate guide. 


This is one of those days where you may feel like you're walking on eggshells around a particular person.  

They'll likely choose an eccentric wallpaper design from an independent artist with rich, warm colors and ornate design patterns. 

Taurus is a sign that spares no expense when it comes to their home, so it's only fitting for them to go all out with some opulent wallpaper from a luxury brand like Gucci. 

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