Rare Bicentennial Quarter: Four Additional $4000+ Gems + $120K Value!  

Among these treasures, the Bicentennial Quarter stands out as a piece of American history and a sought-after item for collectors worldwide.  

While millions of these quarters were produced, it's the anomalies and unique characteristics that elevate certain specimens to collector's items. 

One such rarity is the "No S" mintmark variety. Typically, quarters minted in San Francisco bear an "S" mintmark. 

However, a small number of Bicentennial Quarters were struck at the Philadelphia Mint without the customary mintmark. 


Another variety that commands a premium is the Doubled Die Reverse (DDR) error.  

A Bicentennial Quarter with a pronounced DDR error can easily surpass the $4000 mark in value, especially if it is in excellent condition. 

Furthermore, there are instances of Bicentennial Quarters struck on unconventional planchets, adding to their uniqueness. 

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