Picture Puzzle IQ Test: In under 8 seconds, just 1% of those with hawk vision can identify the cat among the pigeons!  

Picture puzzles have long been a popular pastime, challenging our cognitive abilities and entertaining us in equal measure. 

Picture puzzles come in various forms, from finding hidden objects to spotting differences between seemingly identical images.  

In this puzzle, you're presented with a crowded image filled with pigeons. Your task? To identify the elusive cat lurking somewhere among them.  

The cat is expertly camouflaged amidst the flock of pigeons, making it a formidable challenge even for the keenest of eyes. 


What sets this puzzle apart is its astonishing level of difficulty.  

They are the ones with what is colloquially known as "hawk vision." 

Hawk vision, or hyperacuity vision, refers to an exceptional ability to perceive fine details and detect subtle changes in visual stimuli.  

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