Old Stamps Worth An Absolute Fortune Today

Anyone with a passing interest in philately will know that this is the rarest stamp of all. Only a few examples were issued, and the British Guiana one cent in magenta is the record holder 

A new record for a US postage stamp was set in November 2023 when a collector paid an incredible $2m for the iconic ‘Inverted Jenny.’ These rare stamps appeared in a 1918 

The Penny Black represents Genesis as far as postage stamps are concerned. While there are rarer items around, the Penny Black was the first adhesive postage stamp in circulation 

Mauritius issued its first set of stamps in 1847, which came in two denominations. The 1D Red is more common, but the 2D Blue is more desirable, and an anonymous collector paid $1,150  


While not quite a misprint, the original runs of this rare Chinese stamp included text that proved to be illegible. The producers decided to start again, but 32 of the first 1897  

Stay calm if you have a George Washington definitive issue from the 1860s. Chances are it’s just a regular issue with no significant value. 

Another misprint makes it onto the list. Initially issued in Hong Kong in 1941, the stamp featured the head of the first President of the People’s Republic of China 

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