Most Unpopular Dog Breed

The lively and good-natured Finnish spitz is a fearless hunting dog known for its loud barking and unique tracking. These eager athletes are affectionate with their owners and wary 

The Borzoi is certainly an unpopular dog breed, as many people have never heard of them. This calm and dignified sighthound is bred to be tough and fast. 

The New Guinea singing dog is closely related to the Australian dingo and is a rare barkless breed known for its unusual yodel vocalizations, hence the name.  

English foxhounds are galloping hounds used in hunting. They like to live in packs due to their very social behavior, and they are affectionate and gentle house pets. 


The sloughi hails from an ancient lineage of sighthounds native to the deserts of North Africa. This breed is graceful and reserved. Sloughis are aloof around strangers but gentle 

The sleek Cirneco dell'Etna is a coursing hound from Sicily. These excellent hunters are known for their speed and agility, but they also make great house pets.  

These master show dogs were once common companions for British foxhunters. Today, wire fox terriers compete in dog shows and stay loyally by their owner's side.  

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