Is This Uncommon Quarter You Own Worth Up to $95,000? 

One such treasure is the 1970-S Washington quarter, a coin that could fetch up to $95,000 for lucky owners. 

The 1970-S Washington quarter is a prime example of how a seemingly ordinary coin can turn out to be a valuable collector's item.  

While millions of quarters were minted in 1970, very few were struck at the San Francisco Mint, making the 1970-S quarter a rarity among collectors. 

So, how can you tell if you have one of these valuable coins in your possession? The first step is to examine the coin closely. 


The 1970-S quarter features the familiar profile of George Washington on the obverse (front) side, with the words "Liberty" and "In God We Trust" inscribed. 

Once you've identified the coin, the next thing to look for is its condition.  

To get a better idea of the potential value of your coin, you may want to consider consulting a professional coin appraiser or reaching out to reputable coin dealers. 

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