In just 23 seconds, identify 3 differences in this adorable cookie image.  

From identifying minute details in a crime scene to appreciating the nuances in art, the ability to discern differences is invaluable. 

Today, we embark on a delightful journey of observation, focusing on an adorable cookie image that challenges us to spot distinctions in mere seconds. 

Captivating our attention is a vibrant image showcasing delectable cookies arranged in a charming display. 

At first glance, the cookies appear identical, each boasting a symphony of colors and intricate designs.  


In just 23 seconds, we challenge ourselves to identify three distinct differences in this delightful cookie image.  

Let's embark on this intriguing exercise, honing our observational prowess as we delve into the realm of confectionary artistry. 

Upon closer inspection, we notice a subtle but discernible difference in the hues of two adjacent cookies.  

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