In just 19 seconds, identify 3 discrepancies between the chef's photographs! 

Imagine two photographs of the same dish, taken by a renowned chef, showcasing his culinary masterpiece. To the untrained eye, these images might seem identical.  

However, upon closer inspection, you can find subtle differences that tell a deeper story about the chef's artistic choices and meticulousness. 

In just 19 seconds, you can identify three significant discrepancies between the chef's photographs.  

Let's delve into what these differences could be and what they reveal about the chef and his culinary philosophy. 


Is the drizzle of sauce forming a perfect circle in one photo but a slight ellipse in the other? 

The discrepancy here could indicate the chef’s iterative process of perfecting the presentation or simply a momentary lapse in attention to detail. 

Lighting plays a crucial role in food photography, highlighting textures, colors, and the overall appeal of a dish.  

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