Brain Teaser: In under 11 seconds, just 2 out of 11 people can identify the hidden spring  

Imagine a scenario: a group of 11 individuals, each with unique backgrounds and perspectives, presented with a seemingly straightforward task.  

In front of them lies a small contraption, unassuming in appearance yet harboring a secret known only to the most astute observers.  

Their mission? To identify the concealed spring within this enigmatic device. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  

What makes this brain teaser particularly captivating is its deceptive simplicity. 


Yet, nestled within its intricate design lies the key to unlocking its mystery – a hidden spring waiting to be discovered. 

As the countdown commences, participants are thrust into a whirlwind of observation and deduction, their minds racing against the relentless march of time. 

Some scrutinize the contraption with laser-like focus, scouring its surface for any sign of irregularity. 

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