5 Turkish Lentil Soup Recipes

With its simple ingredients and soul-warming essence this Turkish Red Lentil Soup / Mercimek Çorbası is a new favorite at our house. 

eliminates the tension of the day, and excites the appetite after a long day of fasting, yes, so satisfying, and knowing how nourishing and healthful it is brings another layer of contentment. 

hand when we need a little comfort or a nourishing restoration, plus, they are a must on our Ramadan iftar table. 

The two soups are often pitted against each other: Folks are divided by either being a brown or red lentil soup lover. 


Mercimek Çorbası, the answer is a certain proud yes, make it and I promise you’ll sit down to a scrumptious dinner in 40 minutes. 

It is is a copycat of a soup I had during my last visit to Istanbul, this was a few weeks ago! Ramzi took me to the Atolye restaurant at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Istanbul “You’re going to eat one of the best soups in the world,” he said.  A little while later, a server brought us two giant bowls of a red lentil soup. 

we were able to have a record number of Mercimek Çorbası at different restaurants during our visit, nothing equates to the one we had at the Ritz. 

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