5 Rare 50-Dollar Bills Worth Six Figure

We like keeping a value chart handy to look up 50-dollar bills that might be worth money. These are some example values based on data gathered by US Currency Auctions.  

Most 50-dollar bills aren't rare at all, despite the fact that we don't tend to see them in our pocket change. 

According to the Federal Reserve, there were 2.5 billion 50-dollar bills in circulation in 2022. That's a fraction of the number of more common bills like ones and 100s, but it's still a lot of paper money. 

For your 50 to be rare, it needs to be different somehow. That can mean being really old, having a printing mistake, or having a special serial number.


A 50-dollar bill has to be worth at least the face value (the amount written on the front), so every single one is worth at least $50. Some, though, can be worth way more. 

Old bills - Large notes and old bills from the early 20th century or before can be extremely valuable.

Great condition - Any 50-dollar bill with minimal wear is going to be worth more, and uncirculated bills that never got passed around can be worth a lot.

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