5 Churro Chips Recipes 

This churro chip recipe combines the flavors of the churros and sopapillas, with the ease of using store-bought tortillas to make your own chips. 

Sugar – granulated sugar is what was used during my testing and in these photos.

Oil – for frying, I normally like to use vegetable oil, since it’s readily available, flavorless, and has a high smoke point.

this is completely optional, but I wanted to include it, since my photos show the sauce with the chips. 


1. Cut tortillas. You can use a sharp knife, or even a pizza cutter, to cut the tortillas into 6ths.

Toss the chips with the cinnamon sugar while the chips are right out of the oil, so the sugar will stick to the chips. 

Oil – for frying, you really want to use a neutral, flavorless oil, like vegetable or canola oil. Sunflower or avocado oil are other good options.

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