3 Steamed Mussels Recipes That Will Make You Love Seafood

They're inexpensive, quick-cooking, readily available, and incredibly versatile, not to mention delicious! Mussels can be prepared with many methods — steamed, smoked, boiled, barbecued, or roasted.  

Ready to cook mussels at home? You can't go wrong with these fantastic recipes, from classic wine-steamed mussels to gorgeous seafood pasta dishes and more. 

Toasted garlic bread and mussels made with Sauvignon Blanc come together in this classic steamed mussels recipe. The dish is table-ready in just 20 minutes. 

He simply steams plump mussels in reduced lager until they're just starting to open and then adds a creamy, spicy, slightly tart mixture made with garlic, ginger, chiles, cilantro, coconut milk, and lime juice. 


Toasted walnuts are a surprise addition to the creamy, smoky red pepper puree that gets swirled into these harissa-spiked steamed mussels. 

Anise-y Thai basil and salty-sour pickled onions complement the sweet, plump mussels. 

Moules frites, a Flemish dish consisting of steamed mussels served with French fries and Dijon mayonnaise, is so popular that it is considered to be the national dish of Belgium. 

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